How to remove: "Powered By ChronoForms..."

How to remove: "Powered By ChronoForms..."

Postby joshuadavid2007 » Thu Nov 18, 2010 11:43 am

These days, I was looking for a way, how to remove the "Powered By ChronoForms -" slogan at the bottom of each ChronoForms form.

Well, the fairest way is just to pay for it the $25, cause ChronoForms is just a great component and developing it, must be just lots of hours and gallons of coffee!

But as I know, many people are just interest in hacking such extensions and not willed to pay for it!

To delete the "Powered By ChronoForms -" slogan, just add the following lines in the end of your template css file.
Any css file of your template should work!

Code: Select all
.chronoform { display:none; }

It do the trick!

But I would like to say it, again! Please be so fair! Respect the work of any developer and pay for their work!
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